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US Release
August 26, 2003
UK Release
October 6, 2003
AU Release
October 22, 2003
Audio Commentaries are available on every episode, here's a list of participants:
Special Features
Butterfinger Commericals:
Big Surprise
The Last Butterfinger
Akira-Best Friend
Good Bart-Bad Bart
One Less Sister
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade:
Bart returns for the 1991 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Various songs from throughout Season 3
Popup Trivia:
8F19 - Colonel Homer
8F19 - Colonel Homer
8F02 - Treehouse of Horror II (with notes by Matt Groening)
8F04 - Homer Defined (with notes by Matt Groening)
8F11 - Radio Bart
8F20 - Black Widower
Scene Specific Sketches:
8F02 - Treehouse of Horror II
8F05 - Like Father, Like Clown
8F08 - Flaming Moes
8F09 - Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk
8F10 - I Married Marge
8F11 - Radio Bart
8F14 - Homer Alone
8F17 - Dog of Death
8F19 - Colonel Homer
8F20 - Black Widower
Extra Languages:
8F02 - Treehouse of Horror II
Easter Eggs
Extra Commentaries:
When playing the following episodes, you can press the audio button to cycle to an extra audio commentary. (twice if you have the episode audio, once if you have the standard commentary)
7F24 - Stark Raving Dad (by Mike Reiss)
8F06 - Lisa's Pony (by Mike Reiss)
8F15 - Separate Vocations (by Al Jean)
8F16 - Bart the Lover (by Al Jean)
Main Menus
Episode Menus
The episode menus are plain. All they are is a black background with the text on top. No animations at all. The episode menus are universal between all the episodes and all the discs.
Disc Art
The following Disc Arts are taken from the UK edition.
The Disc art for Season 3 is based around the characters falling through the background.
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