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Sibling Rivalry
Bart & Lisa: Our life is so confusing
No reason and no rhyme
we've got this funny feeling,
getting old before our time

Background Singers: Gimme what you got!
Gimme what you got!
I know what you got!
Gimme what you got!
Lisa: What kind of love brings such confusion?
Bart: Shuts out the sun and kills all glee.
Bart & Lisa: What are these blues, We're here to tell you?
It's sibling rivalry.

Background Singers: I don't wanna share!
Wanna make you nuts!
Gimme what you got!
Gotta have it all!

Bart: Sometimes I see her doing homework...
Lisa: I'm working hard all by myself...
Bart: and who can stand a happy sister?
Lisa: He hates I don't require help.
Background Singers: Ooooh-Oooooh-Oooooh

Bart: I put a spider on her shoulder.
Background Singers: Oh Yeah, oooooh-ooooh
Lisa: I'm not aware that it is fake.
Background Singers: Ooooh-Oooooh-Oooooh
Bart: I ask her "what the heck that thing is"
Background Singers: Eww!
Lisa: I turn and start; I scream and shake!
Background Singers: Scream and Shake!

Bart: Why? Does it feel so good?
My dear old fun?
I know it's wrong to feel so mean!
But.. you should've heard her scream.
Background Singers: Ooooh-Oooooh-Oooooh

Lisa: I am not blameless in this equation.
Bart: She likes to talk over my head.
Lisa: Poor Bart, his trials and tribulations
Background Singers: Poor Bart
Bart: Before a test, she makes me dread.
Background Singers: Ooooh-Oooooh-Oooooh

Lisa: 'Cause I predict that he will fail.
Background Singers: Poor Bart
Bart: I chase her down when she is right.
Background Singers: Ooooh-Oooooh-Oooooh
Lisa: When I refuse to just turn tail,
Background Singers: Hold your ground Lisa!
Bart & Lisa: We have our most outstanding fights!
Background Singers: Outstanding fights!

Lisa: What kind of love brings such contusions?
Bart: All these band aids the world can see.
Bart & Lisa: What is this shame, we're here to tell you?
It's Sibling Rivalry

Bart & Lisa: A brother and a sister.
We're tring not to boast.
But we can't help believing,
That we'll always be this close.

Background Singers: Siblings find it oh so hard
When it comes to giving
Let them once try singing background for a living

Bart & Lisa: A brother and a sister.
We will always be this close.
Bart: Let go of my hand, Lisa.
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