Homer the Great
Production Code
Episode Number
06 January 1995
John Swartzwelder
Jim Reardon
Executive Producer
David Mirkin
DVD Commentary
Matt Groening
David Mirkin
Dan Castellaneta
Yeardley Smith
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Homer starts to wonder who Lenny and Carl are always getting better things than he is. As it turns out that they are members of an elite organization called the Stonecutters. Homer tires to burst in but no luck, when it turns out that Grampa is a member, Homer is given initiation. Number One (Voiced by Patrick Stewart) greets Homer into the Stonecutters as number 908. Using the Stonecutters sacred Parchment as a bib Homer is thrown out, but it turns out he has a birthmark shaped like the Stonecutters' symbol. Homer is pronounced as the chosen one. Homer quickly becomes bored, and starts to help people around the town. The Stonecutters leave and reform as the No Homers Club and returns to their old ways.
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