Team Homer
Production Code
Episode Number
07 January 1996
Mike Scully
Mark Kirkland
Executive Producer
David Mirkin
DVD Commentary
Matt Groening
David Mirkin
Mike Scully
Mark Kirkland
Jimmy Heenan
Plot Bart and Milhouse are browsing in The Android's Dungeon. They find a "special edition" of Mad, and eagerly peruse its contents. After they complete the "fold-in," Comic Book Guy forces them to buy the magazine. Back at home, Homer also finds the magazine hilarious.

Later at Moe's, Homer is the only customer. Disappointed, Moe closes the bar early (unaware that Mayor Quimby and his entourage were about to come into the bar for multiple drinks). Desperate, Homer and Moe search for another place to spend their evening. At the bowling alley, Homer and Moe are disappointed to learn it is "league night," and they cannot bowl. They find Apu, who is also without a team. Approaching the Squeaky Voiced Teen, revealed to be the son of Lunchlady Doris, to announce their intentions to bowl as a team, the trio learn they are one member short. Homer sees Otto at a crane arcade game and claims him as their fourth team member. The Squeaky Voiced Teen again disappoints, asking for a $500 registration fee. Back at the Simpson house, Homer's attempt to prostitute himself to Marge fails. She suggests a team sponsor: Mr. Burns.

The next day at Springfeld Elementary School, Mrs. Krabappel is assigning homework. Bart — wearing a sweater — comments that it is extremely hot in the classroom. He slowly removes his sweater, revealing a T-shirt with a MAD iron-on reading "Down with Homework". The shirt sparks a riot in the class. In the hallway, Superintendent Chalmers is evaluating the school. Highly pleased with the school's performance, he prepares to give the school a perfect "10," but curiously decides to record the "0" first. Before the score can be completed, Chalmers is stampeded by Bart's angry classmates.

In Principal Skinner's office, a shirtless Bart hears a story from Skinner's war days. Skinner claims an iron-on t-shirt caused him to be taken captive as a prisoner of war. Momentarily daydreaming, he dismisses Bart without punishment.

Later, in Mr. Burns' office, Smithers is giving Burns a manicure. Smithers leaves in order to get more ether for Mr Burns, as he can feel the movement of the emery board, when Homer sneaks inside. Burns, high on ether, eagerly gives Homer the $500 sponsorship, having mistaken him for the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Back at the bowling alley, Homer's team debuts their new uniforms: a white t-shirt with "Pin Pals" scrawled in black marker on the back. Their first opponent is the team from the "Channel 6 Wastelanders". As Otto collects a spare for the win, the Pin Pals celebrate with beer while the team from KBBL-TV leaves in disgust. At the Simpsons house, Homer tries to take credit for the team's win when recapping the match to Marge.

The next day, Skinner holds a school assembly to announce the school's new uniform policy. Martin and Lisa model the new uniforms, much to the disgust of the schoolchildren. That night, the Pin Pals face a new opponent: the "DMV Regulation Kings". This victory for the Pin Pals is followed by another over the "Springfield Police Framers," moving the team into 2nd place in their league. The championship trophy within reach, the team observes their next opponent: the "Holy Rollers" (Ned Flanders, Maude Flanders, Reverend Lovejoy, and Helen Lovejoy). Later, Mr. Burns discovers he wrote a check to "Poppin' Fresh" for bowling. Rather than disbanding the team, Burns asks to join it.

Back at Springfield Elementary, the uniforms have worked wonders in decreasing horseplay, youthful exuberance, and high spirits. The students even blink in unison. Even Bart and Nelson are having trouble remembering their old pranks. Superintendent Chalmers' next visit is disturbed only by a bit of rain at recess. However, the rain causes the drab gray color to be washed out, making the uniforms a swirl of tie-dye colors. The playful spirit of the children returns.

Later it's time for the championship game between the Pin Pals and Holy Rollers. Mr. Burns comes into the bowling alley complaining of arthritis in his knee, but Moe (as a "masked stranger" intending to disqualify Burns from the team by injury) hits Mr. Burns with a crowbar, fixing his disability. Just as Homer works up the courage to kick Mr. Burns off the team, Burns gives the rest of the team new bowling shirts. Reduced to tears, they let Burns play. In the final frame, the Pin Pals are down by one pin to the Holy Rollers with only Mr. Burns left to bowl. On his final roll, two pins are knocked down from a chain reaction caused by Otto knocking the prize machine over. Burns, in one of his "trademark changes of heart," takes the trophy back to his mansion. Later that night, the team (reunited with Otto) has Homer attempt to steal the trophy. He doesn't quite make it, and is attacked by the hounds as the remaining Pin Pals flee. He is left to be ripped apart, gnashed at and killed as the credits roll, though he obviously survives.
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