Metal Gear Simpsons: With a Vengeance
Concept By: Leif Jensen and Gary M. Gadsdon
Written By: Gary M. Gadsdon

Authors Notes: This fic came about after I was reading another fan fic over at which had Maggie being taken in by the Lovejoys when Bart and Lisa move away to South Park (yes, THAT South Park). I was kinda inspired by it, and it gave the basic concept for this fic, but I wanted a different approach, I wrote my own concept, but Leif also provided some and I mixed the two, using more from Leif's concept than my own. After a while writing I decided to give it the Metal Gear title, and weave in references to the original Metal Gear Solid game. In the Metal Gear Solid canon, this would be placed between Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2, it does contain spoilers for The original game, I suggest you play it before reading beyond Part Four.

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Epilogue - Sons of Liberty
Lisa woke bolt upright screaming in a sweat. She found herself in her bedroom in the Simpson house, eight years old again, the clock next to her read 08:23 am. Marge comes in having heard Lisa's screams.

"Lisa, what's wrong" says Marge, worried

Lisa is gasping for air. Still in a state of shock.

"Huh? Oh nothing mom. I guess it was just a bad dream." says Lisa
"Aww... good news is it's all over honey" says Marge.
"Yeah. You're right mom" says Lisa
"Why don't we go downstairs and you can tell me all about it" says Marge.
"Sure" says Lisa.

Marge leaves the room. Lisa gets out of bed and changes into her normal orange dress, and then goes downstairs in the Kitchen, Marge is fixing breakfast with Maggie in her high chair. Lisa explains what happened in her dream about Homer and Marge being killed, being separated from her bother and sister, and then the involvement of Solid Snake.

"I guess there's nothing to worry about Lisa. It was just a dream. But maybe Bart's video games that he's been playing lately had an effect on you?" wonders Marge
"Maybe." says Lisa "Do you think that Solid Snake is real?"
"Not in the slightest." states Marge.
"Yeah. I suppose so." says Lisa "I've never heard of a huge nuclear bi-pedal tank like that before in history class."

Lisa resumes eating a bowl of cereal.

A figure with a rain coat walks along the George Washington Bridge in New York, smoking a cigarette, the skyline was dark. The rain was hitting on him hard. The figure runs across the bridge, a spark appears around him and his physical body disappears, the rain coat then flies off still visible. He then jumps off the bridge and onto a Tanker. There are more sparks, and he appears around them, with his face to the decks. Then then turns around, revealing himself to be Solid Snake. He simply smiles, then he takes his position hiding behind some cable reels.

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