Treehose of Horror IV
Production Code
Episode Number
14 October 1993
Watch Conan O'Brien
The Late Bill Oakley
The Estate of Josh Weinstein
Greg "It's Alive" Daniels
The Disfigured Dan McGrath
"Billous" Bill Canterbury
David "Dry Bones" Silverman
Executive Producer
Damned David Mirkin
DVD Commentary
Matt Groening
James L. Brooks
David Mirkin
Conan O'Brien
Jim Reardon
David Silverman
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot The Simpsons present tales around paintings.

THE DEVIL AND HOMER SIMPSON: Homer wishes he could sell his soul for a donut, which the devil arranges, with a twist that Flanders is the devil. Homer finishes the donut, and is sentenced to a day in hell and is put up for a trial. Homer wins and is cursed with the donut as his head.

TERROR AT 5½ FT: Bart has a dream of his own death, in the school bus, on the drive to school, Bart feels a little edgy when there is a monster attacking the wheels.

BART SIMPSON'S DRACULA: When the Simpsons are invited to Mr. Burns castle in Pennsylvania, it turns out that Mr. Burns is a vampire. Burns manages to get his teeth into Bart, who then goes after Lisa. The family try to get Bart back by killing Mr. Burns.
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