Burns' Heir
Production Code
Episode Number
14 April 1994
Jace Richdale
Mark Kirkland
Executive Producer
David Mirkin
DVD Commentary
Matt Groening
David Mirkin
Jace Richdale
Mark Kirkland
David Silverman
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Mr. Burns realizes that he will die soon and he has no heir to carry on his legacy. Burns holds auditions, but no one is good enough, as retaliation, Bart breaks all of his windows as when he tried out, he was kicked in the butt. Burns announces that Bart is his heir. Bart soon becomes unsatisfied with the Simpsons and moves in with Mr. Burns. Homer and Marge try to go through the courts to get Bart back but they lose. Bart is eventually forced to chose between who he'd rather have as a father, Homer or Mr. Burns. Bart choses Homer and sends Burns down a trapdoor.
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