A Hunka Hunka Burns In Love
Production Code
Episode Number
02 December 2001
John Swartzwelder
Lance Kramer
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
Jimmy Heenan
Plot Homer is hired to write Chinese fortune cookies. One of his fortunes says "You will find true love on Flag Day". This cookie makes its way to Mr. Burns. After spending Flag Day at a wealthy social gathering and a strip club, Burns finds a cop ticketing his car. After discovering the cop is a woman named Gloria (voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Burns asks her out on a date.

After their first date, Burns talks about another date but Gloria is about to turn him down when Homer runs by. Burns asks Homer to be his "youthful advisor", accompanying the couple on dates, even carrying Burns and Gloria up the stairs when they go to have sex. Eventually, Burns decides to ask Gloria to marry him. She says yes. As Burns goes off to get some champagne, Snake comes to rob the bowling alley, sees Gloria (who is his ex), and kidnaps her and Homer. When Burns finds Gloria's ring, he assumes she ran off with Homer.

Snake takes Gloria and Homer to his hideout. Though Gloria says she loves Burns, Snake vows he can change. The police arrive and confront Snake (because Lisa found out Homer was not the kidnapper). Homer tries to escape but instead sets Snake's house on fire. Snake and Homer get out and Burns runs in to save Gloria (Gloria then saves Burns). When she thinks of Snake, Gloria breaks up with Burns and becomes Snake's girl again.
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