Weekend At Burnsies
Production Code
Episode Number
07 April 2002
Jon Vitti
Michael Marcantel
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Jimmy Heenan
Plot The Simpson family does not like having genetically modified foods for dinner, so Marge decides to plant her own garden. Crows arrive on the new garden, so Marge makes a scarecrow, which scares Homer. Homer destroys the scarecrow, and the crows eventually see Homer as their leader, following him everywhere. But when the crows pick up Maggie from the ground and lift her high into the sky and drop her (just in time for Homer to catch her), Homer turns on the crows and they attack his eyes. He then goes to the hospital, where Dr. Hibbert prescribes him medicinal marijuana.

Homer becomes a stoner stereotype, even asking Flanders to read him the whole Holy Bible. Ironically, when Flanders offers a petition to have a vote on the ban of medical marijuana in Springfield, Homer signs his signature. Nonetheless, Homer also shines at work when he laughs at Mr. Burns’ jokes. Burns makes Homer the Executive Vice-President. He goes to a rally for the legalization of medical marijuana with Phish playing, but the rally is actually held a day after the ban was approved by voters. Homer is cured of his medical condition and promises he won’t smoke pot again, but things change.

Mr. Burns asks Homer to help him with a speech for a shareholders meeting, in which he wants to see $60 million being made to appease his investors. Unfortunately, Homer no longer finds Mr. Burns’ humor funny, so Homer gives Smithers his last joint because Homer promised Marge he wouldn’t smoke anymore. While Smithers is toking, Burns appears to drown in his bathtub. For the meeting, Smithers and Homer make Burns into a marionette, a la Weekend at Bernie’s, and when the marionette dances, Mr. Burns’ heart starts working again. The plan is a success, and the power plant’s financial crisis is over.
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