The Frying Game
Production Code
Episode Number
19 May 2002
John Swartzwelder
Michael Polcino
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Jimmy Heenan
Plot Homer has ordered the perfect anniversary gift for Marge: a koi pond for their backyard. This is supposed to help Marge meditate and relax. However, tranquility proves impossible when Homer and Marge discover a screamapillar living in the pond. The screaming caterpillar is an endangered species, so the Simpsons are bound by law to make sure it stays alive. Eventually, Homer gets fed up with the constant needs of the caterpillar, and accidentally squishes it. Although it is still alive, he is convicted of “attempted insecticide and aggravated buggery,” and sentenced to community service.

Homer begins delivering Meals on Wheels to an elderly woman, Mrs. Bellamy, who takes a shine to him. However, she begins to take advantage of him as she asks him to do more and more demanding chores around the house. Soon enough, Marge becomes angry and goes to give Mrs. Bellamy a piece of her mind, but the old woman guilts Marge into becoming her personal servant as well. When Mrs. Bellamy turns up dead, Homer and Marge are the prime suspects in the murder, and are arrested after evidence is found against them. They are put on death row to face the electric chair. In a moment of selflessness, Homer confesses to the crime so that Marge can go free. As he is sitting in the electric chair, it is suddenly revealed to Homer that he is on a reality TV show, Frame Up. The whole thing was just part of an elaborate hidden camera scheme, and the old woman is Carmen Electra in disguise.
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