The Bart Wants What It Wants
Production Code
Episode Number
17 February 2002
John Frink
Don Payne
Michael Polcino
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Jimmy Heenan
Plot The episode opens with a car/helicopter chase. The Simpsons are fleeing olympic officials after Homer has stolen the Olympic torch. After being talked to by Marge, she snatches it from Homer, then throwing it out the window. The torch is then grabbed by the helicopter guys, and they admire the beautiful flame, forgetting to steer, causing it to crash. After the whole ordeal, the family visits a private school-held carnival. A girl, Greta (Rainier Wolfcastle's daughter), is being bullied, and Bart saves her. She likes Bart so much that she invites him to the Wolfcastle family house. Later, the Wolfcastles come to the Simpson house. Bart comes with Milhouse to visit Greta, who tells Bart he is invited to her school dance. However, Bart is looking very forward to seeing Principal Skinner perform stand-up comedy, à la Jerry Seinfeld at a local club. Since the events occur on the same night, Bart chooses to go to the club. Bart is impressed that Skinner's "comedy" act is a bomb.

Later, Bart breaks up with Greta after he thinks that women are easy to deal with. After Bart attempts to apologize to Greta, she dates Milhouse as revenge. Bart is shocked. It only gets worse when she says she and Milhouse will join her dad in the city of Toronto, Ontario to shoot a movie. Apparently, Bart thinks Toronto is in Spain. Bart asks the family to join him in going to Toronto. Bart finds Greta at a movie studio named Paramountie Studios (a parody of Paramount Pictures), but Greta, after Bart and Milhouse get in a big fight that ends up interrupting a curling match, declares she has no interest whatsoever in either Bart or Milhouse. The boys then reconcile and become part of Canada's basketball team.
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