Homer And Ned's Hail Mary Pass
Production Code
Episode Number
06 February 2005
Tim Long
Steven Dean Moore
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Jimmy Heenan
Plot The Simpsons go to Springfield Park and find it run down. They also find a charity carnival which is raising money to help the park. Bart wins the grand prize in a carnival game, and then Homer beats him, going into his victory dance. Ned captures the dance and Comic Book Guy (revealing that his real name is Jeff Albertson) places it on his eBaum's World-esque website. Soon, the entire world has seen Homer's embarrassing dance, much to Homer's anger. (see Numa Numa)

However, major sports players ask Homer to teach them his dance. Meanwhile, Ned uses his camera to make a movie about Cain (Rod) and Abel (Todd). Everyone loves the film, except Marge, who finds it bloody and digusting. Mr. Burns decides to finance Ned's next film, "Tales of the Old Testament" (which has a running time of 800 minutes). The bloodiness of the film angers Marge and she decides to protest Burns. Burns retorts, asking (in what is meant to be a rhetorical fashion) what they would use instead of his nuclear power. When everyone else mentions alternate forms of power they can use, Burns admits defeat and says the film will never be seen again, much to Ned's dismay.

Homer's advice has found criticism, but the football national committee loves them, as Homer's advice has raised ratings. They ask him to choreograph the Super Bowl Halftime show. He cannot get any ideas and runs into Ned at church. Homer than gets an idea for the halftime show, which ends up being about Noah. This is hated and the crowd thinks they are trying to de-secularize the country.
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