Future Drama
Production Code
Episode Number
10 April 2005
Matt Selman
Mike B. Anderson
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot In an argument over who is gay for Hans Moleman, Bart and Lisa fall into Professor Frink's basement. Professor Frink tells them that he has perfectly predicted the future. Professor Frink takes them 8 years into the future where they are teenagers about to go to the High School Prom. Lisa graduates two years early and Homer and Marge are separated, and Maggie is in Alaska (why?!). Bart asks his girlfriend, Jenda to marry him, but she dumps him when she finds out what he intends to do with his life, at the same time, Lisa breaks up with (a rather muscular) Milhouse, who goes on a rampage over Springfield. Lisa suggests to Bart that he should get a job to win Jenda back. He does, at the Kwik-E-Mart. When Apu sends him to Mr. Burns's manor Bart is given Lisa's scholarship at Yale for saving Burns's life. Lisa is mad at Bart. When they graduate, Bart is back with Jenda and looking again into the future (So where in the Future Future now) Bart sees what Lisa's life will be like if she is with Milhouse, Bart doesn't want that to happen so, he sacrifices his life with Jenda to keep Lisa from ruining hers. Bart gives her the scholarship at Yale.
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