Pranksta Rap
Production Code
Episode Number
12 February 2005
Matt Selman
Mike B. Anderson
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Bart sees a commercial for the rap show "Murder 4 Life" and really wants to go. Homer has no qualms of letting Bart buy the ticket himself. Later, Marge sees Bart wearing hip hop clothing, she finds out about the hip-hop show and forbids him to go. However, Bart feels that since he bought his own ticket, he is an adult and decides to go to the show. When the main singer Alcatraaz gets Bart on stage, Bart cuts a rap berating Homer, making him an instant hit with the crowd. Impressed, Alcatraaz gives him a ride home and gives him a free jersey. Bart overhears Marge and Homer talking about him sneaking out. Not wanting to get caught and be whipped with a belt by Homer, he removes his jersey, writes a note, ties it to a rock and throws it in through the front window. Marge reads it, which says that he has been kidnapped and that they should await further instructions.

The whole community comes out in support of the Simpsons. Chief Clancy Wiggum declares, in a press conference, that he will not let the kidnapper get away, although he is belittled by the assembled reporters. Wiggum muses over his failures as a cop, but after a somewhat inspiring vision of Barney Fife, he puts forth all his effort to solve the case. Meanwhile, Bart reveals his plan to Milhouse, who says he can live at his dad's place in the rundown "Bachelor Arms" apartments. As Bart prepares popcorn, he calls his family, disguising his voice, acting as the kidnapper. Wiggum is at the Simpsons' place, listening in with a recorder. After the call, he plays it back and hears the popcorn popping in the background. He identifies it as "Chintzy Pop" (a very cheap popcorn). After a visit to the Kwik-E-Mart, he discovers that there are only two people cheap enough to buy that brand - himself and Milhouse's father Kirk. While Kirk enjoys his popcorn in his apartment, the cops raid the place and find Bart there. Kirk is arrested on charges of kidnapping and Bart is returned to his relieved parents. Wiggum is hailed a hero in Springfield, and is promoted to Police Commissioner and thrown a parade. Milhouse confronts Bart, telling him that his dad went to jail because of Bart.

Later on, Bart feels guilty and confesses to Wiggum. However, Wiggum tells Bart to keep the lie, as everyone's a winner (even though he is in prison, Kirk gets a cleaner home, three meals a day and single women are cheering for him). But Lisa finds the jersey Bart got at the concert and begins to investigate the matter. She goes to Homer, but he burns the jersey, having also reaped benefits of the lie by getting Hollywood money for the rights to Bart's story. Lisa goes to Principal Skinner and he agrees to help. Wiggum finds out about their snooping, and he meets with Homer, Bart and Kirk and they agree they must keep their cover-up at all costs. Lisa and Skinner go to Alcatraaz's mansion to find proof that Bart was at the concert, which he provides with video footage of him and Bart on stage. Wiggum, with Bart and Homer, busts in demanding the tape, but Alcatraaz's entourage greatly outnumbers him in weaponry. They try to convince Lisa and Skinner how the lie as made everyone happier, but as things get tense, Alcatraaz offers his wisdom on how when things aren't quite black and white, there's only one solution: "HOUSE PARTY!!" His house party is a big hit, with many rappers and hip-hop artists in attendance, and Lisa is left questioning whether this is all right.
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