The Father, Son and Holy Guest Star
Production Code
Episode Number
14 May 2005
Matt Warburton
Michael Polcino
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot In school, the Medieval roles are given by Mrs. Krabappel, she sets Martin as the King, Nelson as a guard and Bart as the Village Cooper. Miss. Hoover gives Lisa the role of the Queen. Principal Skinner gives the role of the village idiot to Groundskeeper Willie. Using a pie filled with rats Willie gets his revenge. Principal Skinner accuses Bart and expels him. Homer and Marge find Bart another school to go to but it's a catholic one. There, Bart meets up with Father Sean (Voiced by Liam Neeson). Bart and Father Sean quickly gather a friendship, when Bart starts to convert, Homer tries to pull Bart out, but he converts too. Leading Marge to team up with Flanders and Rev. Lovejoy to get Bart back. With Lisa's help, Homer and Father Sean track Marge, Bart, Flanders and Rev. Lovejoy down and face off in a paint ball showdown. Where Bart gives a message of tolerance and peace.
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