Burns, Baby, Burns
Production Code
Episode Number
16 November 1996
Ian Maxtone-Graham
Jim Reardon
Executive Producer
Bill Oakley
Josh Weinstein
DVD Commentary
Matt Groening
Josh Weinstien
Ian Maxtone-Graham
Jim Reardon
David X. Cohen
George Meyer
Mark Kirkland
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot While on a train ride back from Yale, Mr. Burns's train is halted by a discarded couch on the tracks, while halted, a man (voiced by Rodney Dangerfield) tries to sell off his merchandise. When he reaches Mr. Burns' car surprised, he hitch-hikes with the Simpsons to Springfield. When they arrive in Springfield, they drop him off at Mr. Burns' mansion where he reveals himself to be Mr. Burns's son, Larry. Noticing the resemblance, Mr Burns' acknowledges that Larry is his son. Larry is a goof-off and Mr. Burns wont tolerate it. Homer suggests that to earn Mr. Burns' love, they can fake a kidnapping, when Marge finds out, Homer is told to give Larry back to Mr. Burns and are soon caught by Police in a theater. Burns forgives them to the hoax, and that he cant be the father that Larry needs, Larry agrees and that should return to his own family. They Celebrate with a street party.
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