Homer vs. The 18th Ammendment
Production Code
Episode Number
15 March 1997
John Swartzwelder
Bob Anderson
Executive Producer
Bill Oakley
Josh Weinstein
DVD Commentary
Matt Groening
Josh Weinstein
Dan Castellaneta
Dave Thomas
Bob Anderson
David Silverman
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Bart gets drunk during a St. Patrick's Day parade, alcohol is made illegal in Springfield (and ducks to wear long pants), but Chief Wiggum wont enforce the law, so Mayor Quimby brings in Rex Banner (voiced by Dave Thomas). Homer manages to find some Duff in the dump and Bootlegs it to Moe's, he soon becomes known as the Beer Baron, Homer quits and helps Chief Wiggum get his old job back by catapulting Rex Banner out of town, then it is discovered that the law against alcohol was repealed 199 years ago.
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