The Canine Mutiny
Production Code
Episode Number
12 April 1997
Ron Hauge
Dominic Polcino
Executive Producer
Bill Oakley
Josh Weinstein
DVD Commentary
Josh Weinstein
Ron Hauge
Dominic Polchino
George Meyer
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Bart commits a credit card fraud using Santa's Little Helpers name.Bart uses the card to buy a dog named Laddie. The dog is well trained and the family falls in love with him. When Bart doesn't pay his balance the bank repossesses Laddie, but Bart gives them Santa's Little Helper.He immediately feels guilty tiring of Laddie, Bart wants Santa's Little Helper back. Bart sets out to find Santa's Little Helper, and tracks him down to a blind man's house. Bart tries to kidnap Santa's Little Helper's, but is trapped in a closet. Mr. Mitchell calls the police and they arrive shortly afterwards. Bart leaves with Santa's Little Helper's more Police arrive to party.
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