Lard of the Dance
Production Code
Episode Number
22 August 1998
Jane O'Brien
Dominic Polcino
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
DVD Commentary
Mike Scully
Ron Hauge
Jane O'Brien
Dominic Polchino
Pete Michels
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Lisa volunteers to show a new student Alex Whitney (Voiced by Lisa Kudrow), where Lisa's friends are impressed with how adult Alex is and Lisa starts to feel left out. Alex manages to persuade Principal Skinner to change the school's traditional Apple Pick into a dance, where everyone in school has a date except Lisa (that includes Ralph!). Lisa refuses to go, but Marge forces her to go. During the dance Principal Skinner needs to run home because his mother has a june bug cornered, so he has Lisa look see to the dance, where she discovers that the boys and girls are separated from each other. Lisa explains that they're all acting like kids because they are kids. Just then, Homer, Bart and Groundskeeper Willie fall into the Gym with Greece which Homer and Bart was trying to steal.
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