Simpsons Bible Stories
Production Code
Episode Number
03 April 1999
Tim Long
Larry Doyle
Matt Selman
Nancy Kruse
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
DVD Commentary
Matt Groening
Mike Scully
George Meyer
Tom Martin
Larry Doyle
Matt Selman
Nancy Kruse
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Homer puts an Easter bunny into the collection plate, Reverend Lovejoy starts to tell stories from the bible, as the Simpsons fall asleep they dream about being in those bible stories.

MARGE'S DREAM: Marge dreams about Eve and Homer as Adam and Flanders as God. Flanders tells Homer and Marge not to eat the forbidden fruit, but Snake manages to get Homer to eat it, Homer then persuades Marge to eat some and she's caught. Flanders casts Marge out. Homer then tries to sneak Marge back in, and they then both thrown out.

LISA'S DREAM: Lisa dreams that she and her classmates are Isrialite slaves, and Principal Skinner as the Pharaoh and Milhouse as Moses. Lisa encourages Milhouse to ask Principal Skinner to let his people go, which he refuses, Milhouse and Lisa throw frogs on Skinner and he throws Milhouse and Lisa into his tomb. Milhouse and Lisa escape and the kids head off to the Red Sea, as Skinner chases, Lisa comes up with an idea to part the sea, as they run across, Skinner and co, are swept away but the rushing water.

HOMER'S DREAM: Homer dreams about being King Solomon where he has to solve a dispute between Lenny and Carl over a pie. He cuts the pie in two, sentences them both to death and eats the pie.

BART'S DREAM: Bart dreams about being King David and Nelson as Goliath II. Bart challenges Nelson and Bart gets thrown into exile. In the mountains, Bart meets Ralph who says that he will take on Nelson. Ralph dies, Bart starts to train and when he reaches the Tower of Babel, Bart climbs up and takes on Nelson. Throwing his lamp into his throat, Nelson explodes they both survive, but Ralph turns up alive and kills Nelson. Bart is thrown in jail when it turns out Nelson was a great ruler. When the Simpsons wake up, church has ended and it turns out that the Rapture has come. Though Lisa is to be saved, Homer pulls her down to join the family in Hell.
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