Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"
Production Code
Episode Number
20 February 1999
David M. Stern
Mark Kirkland
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
DVD Commentary
Mike Scully
George Meyer
Ian Maxtone-Graham
Ron Hauge
Matt Selman
Mike B. Anderson
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Homer buys an F series Canyonero, he refuses to use it and gives it to Marge. Marge is at first, scared to drive it, but she quickly becomes full of road rage and is sent to traffic school by Chief Wiggum. On her way out, she nearly causes an accident and her license is revoked. Homer, Bart and Lisa go to the zoo, where the rhino's escape. The police ask Marge to use her Canyonero to round up the Rhino's but refuses until she sees Homer, Bart and Lisa trapped. Bart and Lisa are safe, but Homer is carried away by a Rhino to a construction site, Marge then performs a sharp turn and flips the car over and it goes up in flames, the Rhino is captured when trying to put it out.
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