They Saved Lisa's Brain
Production Code
Episode Number
08 May 1999
Matt Selman
Pete Michels
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
DVD Commentary
Matt Groening
Mike Scully
Ron Hauge
Matt Selman
Pete Michels
Richard Appel
Marc Wilmore
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When at a "How Low Can you Go Contest" Lisa writes a disgusted letter to the Springfield Shopper, and during the brawl, Homer runs off with Second Prize, a free boudoir session. Lisa's letter catches the eye of Springfield's Mensa members, and they ask her to join. Day's later, the group as a gazebo reserved for them but they find it occupied by drunks. Angry, they storm into the Mayors office, and before they even speak he flees and looking at the town charter, they find that a group of learned citizens shall run the town in the mayors stead, agreeing that there is no one more learned then them, the Mensa members run Springfield. At first all is well, but power corrupts them and Springfield turns on the and they break into a riot, Stephen Hawking (as himself) manages to rescue Lisa and then hangs out with Homer at Moe's.
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