Take my Wife Sleaze
Production Code
Episode Number
27 November 1999
John Swartzwelder
Neil Affleck
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
DVD Commentary
Mike Scully
George Meyer
Ian Maxtone-Graham
Julie Thacker
Dan Castellaneta
Neil Affleck
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When in a fifties dinner, Homer and Marge win a dancing contest, and Homer wins a Motorcycle which he doesn't know how to ride. Homer gets Bart to teach him, and he's confident enough to ride it. He does so to church, drop Bart off at school and even the bedroom. Homer, Moe, Lenny, Carl and Flanders start a motorcycle gang called the Hell Satan's. Another gang, also the Hell Satan's, bursts into the Simpson house and takes over, trashing the place. After a while, they leave, but they take Marge with them. Marge teaches them how to get jobs, and not to use violence. Homer chases after them. He and their leader, Meathook face each other in the Circle of Death, in a sword fight, Homer wins, and takes Marge back to Springfield. 
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