Last Tap Dance in Springfield
Production Code
Episode Number
06 May 2000
Julie Thacker
Nancy Kruse
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
DVD Commentary
Mike Scully
George Meyer
Ian Maxtone-Graham
Julie Thacker
Yeardley Smith
Nancy Kruse
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When going to the mall for Bart's trip to Camp, the family discover that Homer's eyesight is getting worse, and instead of glasses he opts for Laser Eye Surgery. At the same time, Marge and Lisa see a movie about Latin Dancing, afterwards, Lisa wants to learn to dance. After a few lessons, Lisa is a bad dancer, she thinks about quitting but doesn't want to disappoint Homer and Marge. Lisa gets help from Professor Frink who gives her self tapping shoes, but on stage they go nuts and out of control ruining the show.
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