The Mansion Family
Production Code
Episode Number
23 January 2000
John Swartzwelder
Michael Polcino
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
DVD Commentary
Mike Scully
George Meyer
Ron Hauge
Matt Selman
Tim Long
Micheal Polcino
Donick Cary
Pete Michels
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Mr. Burns is named the towns oldest citizen he goes off to have a physical exam. While he's away he appoints the Simpsons to look after his mansion. Homer starts to live life up as a Billionaire and declares a party on Mr. Burns's yacht. Once out on International Waters, the boat is taken over by Pirates and everyone is cut lose into the ocean, somehow Homer and Bart return to land and tell Mr. Burns the bad news who had just returned from his exam, with every known disease plus a few more.
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