Simpson Tide
Production Code
Episode Number
28 March 1998
Joshua Sternin
Jeffrey Ventimillia
Milton Grey
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Mike Reiss
DVD Commentary
Al Jean
Mike Reiss
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Homer causes another meltdown, he's fired. Homer then decides that its worth while to join the Naval Reserve, and at the same time Bart discovers how popular Milhouse has become with a new earring. When Homer discusses his joining the Navy at Moes, Moe, Barney, and Apu all join too. Homer is assigned to a nuclear sub for a mission, just before he goes, Bart gives Homer his earing. Homer makes strong connections with the Captain, and is assigned to he his replacement when he's not around. The Captain gets into a torpedo tube to check for blockages, Homer tells Moe to fire the torpedoes ejecting the captain. With Homer in charge, they go into Russian Waters, where they suffer a pin hole leak, Homer manages to block it with Bart's earring. Moe surfaces the sub and Homer explains that its his first day and is let off the hook.
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