The Joy of Sect
Production Code
Episode Number
07 February 1998
Steve O'Donnell
Steven Dean Moore
Executive Producer
David Mirkin
DVD Commentary
Matt Groening
David Mirkin
Steve O'Donnel
Yeardley Smith
Steven Dean Moore
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Homer is invited to a meeting for a cult called "The Movemantarians" where he is brainwashed into joining. Homer moves the family over to the compound where Bart, Lisa and Maggie are brainwashed too. Marge however manages to escape and get help from Rev. Lovejoy, Flanders and Groundskeeper Willie to kidnap Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. The Movemantarians summon their lawyers to search for the Simpsons. Marge manages to trick Bart, Lisa and Maggie out of it with Hover bikes. But Homer is still resisting, upon the offering of Beer, the lawyers break in, just as a single drop of beer falls on Homer's tongue. Homer returns to the compound and announces that he is no longer brainwashed. Homer opens the forbidden barn to reveal a spaceship as it takes off, it breaks apart revealing the Leader of the Cult and sacks of money, proving that the whole thing was a fake.
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