Lisa the Skeptic
Production Code
Episode Number
21 November 1997
David X. Cohen
Neil Affleck
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
DVD Commentary
Matt Groening
Mike Scully
David X. Cohen
George Meyer
Yeardley SMith
Pete Michels
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Lisa discovers that a work force is building a mini-mall on Sabertooth Meadow and she gets Lionel Hutz to help her go force the work force to let her dig for any archaeological remains. They win, Lisa calls on Principal Skinner to arrange a dig. During the dig, Lisa discovers a human skeleton with extra bones which appear to be wings, the town concludes it to be an angel. Homer takes the angel and makes an exhibit in the garage. Lisa takes a sample for the skeleton for Scientific tests, but they come out inconclusive. One night, Lisa decides to just destroy the thing with one of Bart's crowbars. The angel is stolen and Lisa is arrested. It is found on a nearby hill side where a message saying "The End Will Come at Sundown". At sundown, the skeleton floats up and moves over to the newly built mall. The town soon discovers that it was all a publicity stunt.
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