Treehouse of Horror VIII
Production Code
Episode Number
25 October 1997
Mike Scully
David X. Cohen
Ned Goldreyer
Mad Dog Kirkland
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
DVD Commentary
Matt Groening
Mike Scully
David X Cohen
George Meyer
Matt Selman
Mark Kirkland
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot The Homega Man: France launches a nuclear bomb at Springfield and being protected in a bomb shelter, Homer is the only person to survive, until he discovers that several Springfieldians were mutated, and they want to eat Homer's skin for no particular reason. Homer flees to his house, where discovers that his entire family also survived. The mutants decide not to kill the Simpsons, but rather, the entire family (sans Homer and Maggie) blast them with shotguns and go steal Ferrari's.

Fly vs. Fly: At a Garage sale, Homer buys a matter transporter, which when Bart discovers that it can alter DNA in a mismatch, he uses it to merge with a fly, instead they switch heads. Bart returns to try and get things back to normal, cant do it alone, so he enlists Lisa's help. When the Fly eats Bart, Lisa pushes them both back into the transporter and returning them both back to normal. Homer then chases Bart around with an axe.

Easy Bake Coven: The year is 1649, and Springfield is a Puritanical society, bent on removing Witches from the town. Marge is accused of being a Witch and is thrown off a cliff where it is revealed that she, Patty and Selma are indeed witches. That night they to through the town and claim to eat her children, Maude Flanders, desperate to save Rod and Todd give them Gingerbread Men, thus beginning the tradition of Trick or Treating.
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