Pray Anything
Production Code
Broadcast Index
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09 February 2003
Jimmy Heenan
  • Character Debuts:
  • • Larry H. Lawyer Jr.
Plot The family attends a WNBA game, and when they are there, Ned Flanders wins a half-time shot, with his prize being a $50,000 check for making the basket, which he donates to "Bibles for Belgians," and one for $100,000 for his generous attitude. Homer is jealous when he sees Flanders win big. He finds out from Flanders that praying has led him to success, and Homer mimics him by praying to get what he wants. One day, while watching a TV show he does not like (Ken Burns doing a documentary on his own life), Homer prays God will find the remote. It appears to work, and Homer begins praying for a number of better things, such as praying for a new snack food, which he gets in the form of a mix of bacon and fudge.<br /><br />It goes too far when Homer prays for a new house. He falls into a hole on the outside of the church, and sues them. He is awarded $1,000,000, which the church cannot afford to pay. In lieu of payment, Homer is awarded the deed to the church, which Homer turns into the family’s new home. The Lovejoy Family is now forced to live with the Flanders and hold church services at Barney’s Bowl-O-Rama. At the church, Homer throws a housewarming party which gets out of hand because Homer isn’t afraid of incurring God’s wrath. Following a terrible storm, Springfield is flooded.Meanwhile, Ned Flanders and his two sons load a menagerie of animals in an ark that they have built,and then sail off. Atop the church the citizens of Springfield attack Homer. Reverend Lovejoy arrives to ask for forgiveness on behalf of the town. Homer vacates the church and the status quo is restored.<br />
Intro Gags
The living room is a dollhouse and the family are picked up by a baby.
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