Old Yeller Belly
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
04 May 2003
John Frink
Don Payne
Bob Anderson
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Guest Stars
Stacy Keach
John Kassir
DVD Commentary
Al Jean
John Frink
Matt Selman
Tim Long
Michael Price
Stacy Keach
Jimmy Heenan
Plot Bart and his friends in his treehouse try to eavesdrop on Lisa and her friends having a tea party, and the treehouse gets destroyed. Marge gets the Amish to build a new treehouse for Bart. However, because the Amish know little about electricity, Bart's treehouse catches fire, and Homer is trapped inside, unconscious. Homer calls for Santa's Little Helper to save him, but Santa's Little Helper doesn't. Snowball II does, by clawing at Homer's chest until he wakes up.

Snowball II is worshipped as a hero by Springfield. The dog park is even renamed the "Snowball II Municipal Cat Park." Homer declares in an interview that "I have no dog"! and kicks Santa's Little Helper out of the house

Tied up in the yard and thirsty, Santa's Little Helper drinks from a can of beer by balancing it on his nose. Springfield Shopper reporter Dave Shutton takes a photo of it that appears on the front page of the newspaper. This gets the attention of Duff Beer, who announce that Duffman will be replaced with Santa's Little Helper, as their new mascot, Suds McDuff.

Suds McDuff boosts sales of Duff Beer, and the family's fortunes explode. However, this prompts Santa's Little Helper's original owner to visit the Simpsons and prove that he owns the dog by showing the interview footage of Homer disowning Santa's Little Helper. He becomes Suds' new owner.

Figuring that if they can get Duffman to replace Suds as the Duff mascot, they can get their dog back, the Simpsons seek Duffman, who has become an ordinary man named Barry Duffman who helps the less fortunate. The Simpsons ask him to help the family get Santa's Little Helper back at a Duff Beer-sponsored beach volleyball event.

At the event, Homer pretends to be drowning, while he is actually floating on a keg of beer. Santa's Little Helper and Duffman are both too cowardly to save Homer, and a shark attempts to bite him, until it gets drunk by biting the beer keg. The crowd at the beach likes the shark, and Duff Beer announces that the shark named "Duff McShark" will be their new mascot. Santa's Little Helper returns to the Simpson family.
Intro Gags
The family are on a high-rise steel girder and each sandwiches out of lunch boxes.
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