A Star Is Born Again
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
02 March 2003
Brian Kelley
Michael Marcantel
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Guest Stars
James L. Brooks
Helen Fielding
Marisa Tomei
DVD Commentary
Al Jean
Brian Kelley
Ian Maxtone-Graham
Matt Selman
Dan Castellaneta
Michael Marcantel
Mike B. Anderson
David Silverman
Jimmy Heenan
Plot During the annual Jellyfish Festival, which welcomes back the Stinging Red Jellyfish to the shores of Springfield, Ned Flanders becomes depressed because he doesn't have anyone to be with. The other adults have partners with whom to spend a romantic evening at the Jellyfish Cotillion, this is Ned's first festival without his wife Maude.

Ned returns to the Leftorium to work on his taxes, and to take his mind off of things. Here he meets a beautiful woman, who is after a pair of left-handed eyelash curlers. After chatting to Ned, she eventually asks him out on a date. Later, after the mysterious shopper has gone, Ned spots a movie poster with the woman's face on it; she is a movie star, Sara Sloane.

Sara and Ned hit it off, with Sara loving Ned's simple, quaint lifestyle and honesty. They go on several dates and encounter some problems (Sara is more uninhibited than Ned), especially from tabloid reporters.

When her movie finishes filming, Sara asks Ned to come back to Hollywood with her. Ned has a horrible dream about the evils of Hollywood (in a sequence that includes a cameo by series producer James L. Brooks, and refuses. Because of this, Sara tries staying in Springfield, to be with Ned. She slowly starts settling in with the locals, joining Marge's book club and going shopping with Ned.

At a concert one night (to which Sara wears a revealing dress), Sara tells Ned she wants to have sex with him. Ned eventually relents, but their relationship doesn't work out, due to his insistence on marriage. They break up and Sara returns to Hollywood. She gets a quickie marriage and divorce to Bob Balaban. Ned finds that he is now more attractive to women because of his famous relationship.
Intro Gags
The family are puppets. Thier strings get tangled up, frustrating Matt Groening who is controlling them.
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