C.E D'oh
Production Code
Broadcast Index
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16 March 2003
Dana Gould
Mike B. Anderson
Executive Producer
Al Jean
DVD Commentary
Al Jean
Ian Maxtone-Graham
Tim Long
John Frink
Kevin Curran
Michael Price
Mike B. Anderson
Steven Dean Moore
Jimmy Heenan
Plot Marge has problems adjusting to making love with Homer, who leaves the house. He sees a billboard for a school offering extension courses. He goes to the school and attempts to take a course on stripping for his wife, which Dr. Hibbert teaches, but is kicked out until he ends up in the Successmanship 101 class. The class teaches Homer how people can succeed in the workplace. It gives Homer inspiration, and he investigates problems at the power plant, so he develops solutions to the problems all of which are rejected by Mr. Burns, without reading them. This angers Homer after overhearing Burns admit that the plant's real owner is a canary to protect Burns from responsibility for any wrongdoing by the power plant. Homer, with Bart's help, devises a plan to overthrow Burns by releasing the bird from the plant to the Canary Islands. After the bird is released, he tells Mr. Burns that inspectors are here to check the condition of the plant. Out of panic, Mr. Burns, who is unable to find his canary, names Homer the new owner. Homer reveals that it was all a ruse: there are no inspectors; and he had tricked Mr. Burns. As Homer's first act during his brief tenure as the plant's owner, he fires Mr. Burns.

However, problems ensue when Homer is in charge of the plant. He has less time to do things with the family, much to their disappointment. He is forced to lay off employees at the plant, making himself quite unpopular there. He has to listen to the plant's woes from his analysts, while on vacation. One night, Mr. Burns visits Homer and shows him the people who he has missed. He makes Homer understand how much he has missed his family. So Homer decides to quit as the owner and give back ownership to Burns. However, Burns already has plans to take back ownership of the plant and drugs Homer. He then manages to cart an unconscious Homer to the cemetery, where he wants to encase him in the wall of a crypt. Unfortunately for Burns, he is too weak to carry each brick from the cart to the intended wall. By the time he manages to finish a couple of layers, it's daytime. Homer wakes up and steps easily over the few layers of bricks that Mr. Burns had painstakingly managed to cement in place. He tells Burns that the power plant is his again and walks away. The next time we see Homer, he is having a barbecue with his family and loving it.
Intro Gags
The Family Run to the couch as an animated flip book held by a live action hand.
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