Dude, Where's My Ranch?
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
27 April 2003
Ian Maxtone-Graham
Chris Clements
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Guest Stars
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Andy Serkis
David Byrne
DVD Commentary
Al Jean
Ian Maxtone-Graham
Matt Selman
Brian Kelley
Dan Castellaneta
David Byrne
Mike B. Anderson
Ken Keeler
David Silverman
Gary M. Gadsdon
  • Character Debuts:
  • • Luke Stetson
Plot When writing a new Christmas Carol, Homer is annoyed by Flanders's behaviour, and throws him out of the house. Instead Homer writes an Anti-Flanders song, when playing the song with Lenny and Carl in Moe's they're overheard by David Byrne (voiced by himself) wants to release it as a single. <br /><br />It becomes a smash hit, so much so that Flanders himself likes it. The Simpsons go to a Dude Ranch to get away from the song for a bit. While there, Lisa meets with a young activist named Luke Stetson (Voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas), and the two fall in love. <br /><br />Homer and Bart meet some Indians who are selling junk, the Simpsons learn that the Indians lived in a valley which has now become flooded due to beavers building a dam nearby. Homer and Bart agree to help out and get rid of the beavers. <br /><br />Lisa learns that there is a dance that night, and she wants to go with Luke, however, she overhears Luke talking on the phone to Clara who she believes is Luke's girlfriend. Lisa meets Clara in the woods and leads her down the wrong trail. At the dance Lisa discovers that Clara is really Luke's Sister, Lisa and Bart go out to rescue Clara. When Leaving Luke is disgusted when he finds out what Lisa did.
Intro Gags
The family are mimes and push on an inivible wall to the invisible couch.
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