Holidays of Future Passed
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
11 December 2011
J. Stewart Burns
Rob Oliver
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Guest Stars
Matt Groening
Gary M. Gadsdon
  • Character Debuts:
  • • Zia Simpson
Plot Having enough with Christmas Cards, Homer wonders what his live would've been like if he never saw "It's a Wonderful Life"

Flashing forward 30 years, it is found that Lisa and Milhouse are married with a 14-year old daughter named Zia, Bart and Jenda are now divorced with two boys, and Maggie became a singer, and is now pregnant.

Bart and Lisa each have problems connecting with their kids, Bart's boys hate him, and Zia is disrespectful to Lisa and spends too much time on the internet. They go to 742 Evergreen Terrace to get help from Homer and Marge but it initially doesn't work out too good.

Homer spends time with Bart's boys, who think their Grampa is cool, Homer tells the boys that even though Bart is immature, he does care about them.

Going online to find out what Zia is upto, Lisa finds that Zia does infact respect her.

In London, Maggie decides to head home to Springfield to spend time with the family, but on the way to Evergreen Terrace, she goes into labour and gives birth to a healthy baby girl.
Intro Gags
Kang (or Kodos) fly by in Santa's Sleigh.
Featuring a picture of Mr. Burns and Rabbi Krustofski
The family are Christmas Cookies for Santa, Homer eats part of himself.
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  • Lisa: Who says we're going to have kids of our own?
    Bart: Not me man, this cycle of jerks has to end!
  • Lisa: Ugh. How did my daughter turn into my brother?
  • Lisa: Want to go to a concert tonight? 68% of the original Cheer is playing.
    Zia: Sure, I'd love to. Only not with you, and not that.
    Lisa: Ugh. Sometimes I wish that strangling your kid was still legal.
    Marge: Not since they passed Homer's law.
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  • This is the fourth Future set episode after 2F15 - Lisa's Wedding, BABF13 - Bart to the Future and GABF12 - Future Drama, all three of those aired five years apart, while this episode aired seven years after the previous future episode.
  • In Moe's chalk outlines can be found of the Capital City Goofball and Sideshow Bob with a Rake.
  • Bart goes off to a state college, but flunks, Lisa goes to a private college and graduates
  • Bart initially had a five O'clock shadow
  • New York is apparently underwater and the South Pole has thawed
  • Dr. Hibbert gives Maggie a pacifier, which naturally, she enjoys.
  • Characters Cryogenically frozen include Grampa, Jasper Beardly, the Crazy Cat Lady, Gil Gunderson, Superintendent Chalmers, and Agnes Skinner
  • Maggie's baby has her bow and pacifier.
  • Apparently, strangling one's kid is now illegal thanks to Homer. Even though, technically, it wasn't legal in the first place as it's Child Abuse.
Post New Cultural References
  • Bart has apparently joined the hacking group, Anonymous
  • Lisa starts dressing up like Sailor Moon for some reason
  • Lisa uses various Apple products such as an iPad and a Macbook
  • New New York appears as an available location at London Heathrow (LHR), possibly referencing Futurama
  • One of the products available in the Future Kwik-E-Mart is Soylent Green, referencing the movie of the same name. Boasting "Now with 30% more people"
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