The Book Job
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
20 November 2011
Dan Vebber
Bob Anderson
Executive Producer
Matt Selman
Al Jean
Guest Stars
Neil Gaiman
Andy Garcia
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Lisa discovers that the author of the Angelica Button books is just a hoax, Homer gets inspired to form a writing team to create his own tween novel simply for the profit, while Lisa tries to write one on her own simply for the joy of writing.

The team he forms consists of Bart, Patty, Principal Skinner, Moe, Professor Frink, and Neil Gaiman. The story the team comes up with involves a school of trolls. While Lisa has a severe case of writers block.

When the book is ready to be sold to publishers the team discovers that they need a fake author. Lisa turns out to be that fake, becoming the thing she hated.

When the team gets an Advanced Copy, they discover that the publisher changed the book to an over-saturated genre, Vampires. The team bust in to change it back, but the publisher stops them, tipped off by Lisa.

But it turns out that the real book is published instead, and that Lisa simply switched the memory sticks. Lisa is still happy since her name is on the book, until she discovers that Neil Gaiman switched his name in for hers.
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