How I Spent My Strummer Vacation
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
10 November 2002
Mike Scully
Bob Anderson
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
Guest Stars
Elvis Costello
Mick Jagger
Lenny Kravitz
Tom Petty
Keith Richards
Brian Setzer
DVD Commentary
Matt Groening
Mike Scully
Al Jean
Ian Maxtone-Graham
Matt Selman
John Frink
Dana Gould
Tom Gammill
Dan Castellaneta
Mike B. Anderson
Steven Dean Moore
Michael Price
Jimmy Heenan

Update August 2019

Due to the absurd amount of space required to store all these framegrabs, I have decided that it would be best if I simply deleted them. From what I've been able to decern over the past few years is that many folks will simply just source their own framegrabs using their own methods and Leif and I, who frequently used them for drawing Grabpics have long since retired from drawing them. Many webhosts that offer a price range that I require don't like the sheer number of files that they take up anyway. I'll still keep them on my Localhost for whatever reason, but unless I geta VPS plan or something they're likely not to return.
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