My Mother The Carjacker
Production Code
Episode Number
09 November 2003
Michael Price
Nancy Kruse
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Jimmy Heenan
Plot The Simpson family is busy doing chores when Marge calls everyone inside. On the TV is the daily "Oops Patrol" segment. Kent Brockman displays a funny headline, noticed and submitted by Marge, for which she received a free T-shirt. Envious of Marge, Homer attempts to find his own funny headline so that he too can win a T-shirt. While searching, he notices something strange. Hidden in an article titled "World's Biggest Pizza", he finds a secret message telling him to go to the 4th Street overpass at midnight on that night. Homer and Bart immediately go to wait at the overpass. When the mystery person arrives, she reveals herself to be Mona Simpson, Homer’s mother. She reveals that she left the message in the newspaper in the hope of seeing Homer again. They go to a nearby diner, where Mona explains that the cloak and dagger is because the government is still hunting for her because of her 1960 crime of sabotaging Mr. Burns' germ warfare lab. Just then, Chief Wiggum, Lou, and Eddie arrive at the diner. Homer, Mona and Bart escape out the back. Due to a lapse of concentration, Homer rams straight into the police station with his car and Mona is arrested and put on trial. The jurors are moved at Homer's heartfelt request that they not take his mother away from him again, and decide to acquit Mona.

A montage follows of Mona catching up on Homer's missed childhood. Mr. Burns renames the Germ Warfare Laboratory ("When the Hydrogen bomb isn’t enough!"), the "Grandma Simpson Peace Museum and Kid-teractive Learnatorium", to a crowd of cheering onlookers. Mr. Burns asks Mona to be the first to sign the museum's guest book. As she signs, she unwittingly mentions she had been signing false names when visiting state and national parks. The FBI jump out and arrest her for supplying false information on a national park register, which is a federal offence. The next day, as the bus transfers Mona and other female convicts to a federal prison, Homer and Bart trick the bus into pulling over. Homer steals the bus and liberates all the convicts except for Mona. Suddenly, police cars appear and give chase. Mona doesn’t want Homer to be imprisoned and leave his children like she did, and she pushes him out of the bus onto an abandoned bed. As the bus nears a cliff with the police in hot pursuit, Homer watches in horror as the bus flies off the cliff into a lake, blows up, and is covered by an avalanche.

After Mona's funeral, at which he vented his frustration on Frank "Grimey" Grimes' tombstone, he pours over newspaper headlines, hoping his mother survived and left another message for him. He finds a random article in which the first letter of each row spells out "IMOK". Taking this to be another message from his mother, he goes to sleep. However, he overlooked an article about a giant taco, in which Mona encoded a message that explains she escaped from the bus before it crashed and hitched a ride out of town.
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