Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Production Code
Episode Number
15 February 2004
Julie Chambers
David Chambers
Matthew Nastuk
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Jimmy Heenan
Plot On a school field trip to the Museum of Television and TV, Milhouse shows that he has developed a new attitude where he just doesn't care. Meanwhile Mr. Burns has moved Homer, Lenny and Carl to an offsite location (Moe's) so that they don't ruin a visit by the plant's board of directors. Apu and Manjula stop by celebrating their anniversary, making Homer realize he hasn't gotten anything for his anniversary with Marge. He gets extremely drunk and finds himself ‘dancing' on the street where people, thinking he is homeless, start giving him money. Milhouse reveals the secret to his new attitude is the fact that he and his mother are moving to Capital City, where they are going to get a fresh start. Both Bart and Kirk Van Houten are going to have to learn to get along without Milhouse being around. Bart tries to adapt to a world without Milhouse, especially after a visit to Milhouse in Capital City makes him realize that things will never be the same. In the meantime, Homer has begun begging as a second job when he realizes he can make good money that allows him to buy Marge an expensive anniversary gift. With Milhouse out of his life, Bart finds himself bonding with his sister and she is enjoying the new relationship with her brother; a relationship that gets tested when Kirk gets "pity custody" of Milhouse. When Milhouse returns, Lisa feels betrayed that Bart is acting like their friendship never existed, but nevertheless respects it. Bart, however, shows Lisa how much he appreciates her, and they end up hugging each other. Meanwhile, the other grifters get sick of Homer getting all the attention (and money) and show Marge where Homer is getting his extra cash. She is mortified by his behavior, but can't bring herself to throw away the diamonds that he gave her, even though they were bought with dirty money.
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