Margical History Tour
Production Code
Episode Number
08 February 2004
Brian Kelley
Mike B. Anderson
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Jimmy Heenan
Plot Marge takes Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse to the library to find books for their school reports, only it now only has pamphlets, instruction manuals. and homeless people. Marge instead tells the kids some history tales.

HENRY VIII: Homer is King Henry VIII, in search of a woman who can bear him a son. Unhappy that his wife Margerine of Aragon has borne him a daughter, Mary (Lisa). He can't execute her because her father is the king of Spain. He has difficulty with marriage conseling and had the church minister launched out of a cannon. Margerine then files for a divorce, forcing Henry to split his kingdom; she got Ireland. Henry then marries Anne Boleyn (Lindsay Naegle). Nine months later, Anne tearfully apologises to Henry for having borne a daughter, but Henry executes her. He goes through many wives, but ends up getting more and more daughters. Finally, after many years and executions, Henry is old and sick, lying on his bed, with Margerine by his side. He asks for her forgiveness for having locked her up in a dungeon and asks her to be his queen again. She accepts tenderly and then smothers him to death with his pillow. Mary then became queen of England.

SACAGAWEA: Lewis (Lenny) and Clark (Carl) are assigned to explore the West by President Thomas Jefferson (Mayor Quimby). They meet a tribe of Native Americans led by Homer, who offers them the guidance of his daughter, Sacagawea (Lisa). Sacagawea gives them many tips on how to survive the land, including how to scare a mountain lion, but quickly becomes fed up with Lewis and Clark's antics and stupidity. Finally, she leaves them and sets off back home. She encounters a mountain lion, but before it can attack, Lewis and Clark save her by using the advice she gave them. The party arrives at the Pacific Ocean and a heavy downpour begins, prompting Lewis and Clark to name the rain-soaked place Eugene, Oregon. The two explorers rewarded Sacagawea by created the Sacagawea coin which Marge explains can be exchanged for a real dollar.

MOZART Wolfgang Mozart (Bart) is a big hit in Vienna, playing a sonata on a grand piano as if he were playing at a rock concert. Antonio Salieri (Lisa) asks her father to be allowed to lead the next time, but Homer will have none of it. At a Music Awards function, Mozart wins the best composer award, making Salieri's envy reach a boiling point. Fops and dandies gather to watch Mozart's next opera, where sitting in the balcony is the Emperor (Montgomery Burns). Salieri gets an idea and serves the Emperor free wine, spiked with a sleeping potion. The opera seems to be going pretty well, but that all changes when the audience hears the Emperor snoozing away. Immediately, everyone starts to dislike the opera. Mozart is shocked that his work is a flop. This leads to Mozart's decline. He develops a high fever and becomes very ill. Soon, Mozart is dying and his family gathers around him. Salieri feels a bit guilty about her hand in all this, saying she only wanted to ruin his life, not kill him. Mozart confesses that he thought highly of Salieri's work, believing that it would be remembered more than his, but with his youthful death, both he and his music will be immortalised forever. He then dies. The next day, Salieri goes to the Emperor's court to play to submit her work, but the court is already being focused on the work of Beethoven (Nelson). Befuddled, Salieri hails a carriage to the mental asylum, gets in and laughs hysterically as the carriage draws away.

Lisa realizes that Marge's telling of the lives of Mozart and Salieri is not the real version, noting that Mozart and Salieri had better relations in their time, and says that the story is based on the movie Amadeus.
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