The Wandering Juvie
Production Code
Episode Number
28 March 2004
John Frink
Don Payne
Lauren Macmullan
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Jimmy Heenan
Plot When the Simpson family is at the Costington's department store, Bart uses the wedding gift registry as a prank to register himself and his bride, "Lotta Cooties", for wedding presents. Bart invites many people to his so-called "wedding" and plans to take all the unused gifts back for store credit, but he is stopped in his tracks by Chief Wiggum, who arrests Bart. Bart tries to bribe Chief Wiggum with the wedding presents, but Chief Wiggum only accepts cash bribes, as stated on his badge. Bart is sentenced to six months of juvenile detention by Judge Constance Harm, going to a detention center.

At the detention center, Bart is being harassed by Gina Vendetti amongst others (she threatens to make his puberty very boring whilst wielding a penknife, probably meaning she plans to cut off his privates) when he encounters Homer, who has taken the job of being a prison guard to protect him. Unfortunately, his shift ends until two weeks from that day. He has another problem when he is partnered with Gina Vendetti for the "Prom". When they are dancing, Gina thinks of a way she can escape. But due to the fact that they are handcuffed together, she automatically brings Bart along. They are on the lam and look for a blacksmith who can remove their cuffs. They are freed, but after it happens, Gina is alone and forlorn. Gina confesses she does not have a family when she returns to jail (also clearing Bart of all charges that would result in him remaining in prison), but the Simpsons and the prison warden step in to help Gina by offering a Mexican food feast in her cell at the end.
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