Fraudcast News
Production Code
Episode Number
23 May 2004
Don Payne
Bob Anderson
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When the national landmark Geezer Rock crumbles because of Homer, a poem Lisa wrote has become an elegy.  To get people to read it, Lisa publishes her own newspaper called "The Red Dress Press". Mr. Burns, now believed to be dead discovers that he's hated by Springfield and starts to buy out every media outlet in town and all of them have become Pro-Burns propaganda. The only thing that isnt selling out is The Red Dress Press. Mr. Burns cuts of The Simpsons Power, but Principal Skinner helps by giving her a copying machine that doesnt require electricity. Mr. Burns gets Homer drink and then gets all the embarrassing information about Lisa.

Lisa gives up and as a result, Homer has to do something, which is to create his own newspaper called The Homer Times, and in the end everyone in Springfield is setting up their own paper.
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