Treehouse of Horror XI
Production Code
Episode Number
31 October 2000
Rob LaZebnik
John Frink
Don Payne
Caroyln Omine
Matt "Groening" Nastuk
Executive Producer
Mike "Insert Scary Name Here" Scully
George Meyer
Al Alimony Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad: When Homer reads his horoscope, it predicts his death, throughout the day he manages to avoid death, but at dinner time, he eats some broccoli and dies. He taken up to heaven. Where he meets St. Peter, St. Peter tells him that he doesn't have a single good deed against his name, St. Peter gives him 24 hours to go back and do one good deed. Homer manages to do the deed, but St. Peter wasn't paying attention, Homer is then sent to Hell.

Scary Tales Can Come True: The Simpsons are a peasant family living in the woods. When Homer is fired, Homer throws Bart and Lisa into the woods so he can save money. Armed with a book of fairy tales, Bart and Lisa fend for themselves while Homer tries to look for them after been yelled at by Marge. Bart and Lisa find an old lady who lives in a gingerbread house. Quickly they find themselves at the mercy of an evil witch, just as she's about to cook Lisa alive, Homer comes to the rescue. Nearly destroying the witches house, she turns him into a chicken-broom-fish-donkey thing, Homer manages to get the witch thrown into the fire and all but the chicken part is reversed. The family is now about to live on the eggs that Homer can lay.

Night of the Dolphin: When at the marina, Lisa feels sorry for a dolphin named Snorky, she sets him Free. Once back into the wild, Snorky turns out to be the dolphin's king. With an army of dolphins they start to kill humans who head out to sea. Then they come ashore one night, and invade Springfield. The announce at city hall that they will exile all humans to the sea like they were. Homer leads the humans in a war against the dolphins but the humans lose and are sent to the sea.
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