The Great Money Caper
Production Code
Episode Number
09 December 2000
Carolyn Omine
Micheal Polcino
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot At a magic show with Mezmarino, Bart buys a magic set, and the car is struck by a large fish. hen out on a trip to the Springfield Squidport, Homer leaves Bart behind, everyone feels sorry for Bart and he's able to buy a ride home. Bart and Homer then start to grift money from by performing various Springfieldians. Homer and Bart are almost caught by Flanders, and retreat to the Treehouse, there, Grampa comes up with a greater scheme. There, both Bart and Homer are caught by the FBI for fraud. Before long, Bart and Homer learn that the FBI agent was also a conman. Homer and Bart lie to get out of punishment for losing the car. At a trial, Bart and Homer eventually confess everything.
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