Bye Bye Nerdie
Production Code
Episode Number
01 January 1970
John Frink
Don Payne
Lauren Macmullan
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Lisa attempts to make friends with a new girl, Francine, but Francine beats up Lisa severely. Even attempting to share an interest in Malibu Stacy does not work. Lisa tires to investigate the reason why Francine is beating her. She does scientific research on nerds, and finds out that the odour of nerd sweat attracts bullies like her. Lisa invents an antidote using salad dressing, which she believes is a smell bullies cannot stand, which she called "Poindextrose", tests it on Drederick Tatum when he visits Springfield Elementary, and uses it on Francine at Professor Frink's science contest, the "12th Annual Big Science Thing", which she wins. But at the end, Francine goes on a rampage beating up all the scientists in the room.

Meanwhile, Homer, fearing Maggie could die from touching things unsafe to her when he hears this from a baby-proofing saleswoman, starts his own baby-proofing crusade, selling cheap and safe products and making Springfield safe for children, but it causes the baby-proofing industry in Springfield to be in decline.
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