Homer vs. Dignity
Production Code
Episode Number
25 November 2000
Rob LeZebnik
Niel Affleck
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Homer starts to run out of Money, he asks Mr. Burns for a raise. With Smithers away he gets Homer to start pulling some pranks. Mr. Burns makes Homer his prank monkey for fistfuls of cash. Various pranks include buying a most expensive comic and eating it in front of Comic Book Guy, and donning a Diaper and lies on the floor of a stadium men's room. When Mr. Burns asks Homer to dress up as a Panda. He gets zapped by several zoo keepers and then a real panda has his way with him. While the real panda sleeps, Homer tries to make his escape, where Lisa finds him. She convinces Homer that he is selling his dignity. Homer uses the dirty money he's gotten before to buy toys for needy children where the owner of the department store, Mr. Costington makes him the Santa of a Christmas Parade. Dressed as a pirate, Mr. Burns offers Homer $1 million to throw fish guts at the crowd, instead he gets off the float, and joins his family.
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