Day of the Jackanapes
Production Code
Episode Number
18 February 2001
Al Jean
Michael Marcantel
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Network Executives constantly hound Krusty with notes, he announces his retirement. At the same time, Sideshow Bob is released from Jail again, and again, plots his revenge against Krusty and Bart. Sideshow Bob applies for a job at Springfield Elementary where he tricks Bart into going to a shack that the back of the school and hypnotizes him. Bart, now under Sideshow Bob's control is ordered to kill Krusty. Sideshow Bob creates a C4 charge and places it on Bart while at Krusty's special. When Krusty says that he hasn't had such a great audience before, Bart will go up and hug Krusty, killing them both. But when Krusty pays a tribute to Sideshow Bob, he is moved, Bart now on stage, Bob is unable to stop him. However, Mr. Teeny spots the bomb and disposes of it in a room full of executives. Krusty and Bob reconcile briefly before he is sent back to jail.
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