Skinner's Sense of Snow
Production Code
Episode Number
16 December 2000
Tim Long
Lance Krammer
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When a storm hits Springfield, the following morning Springfield is snowed over, every school is given the day off, except Springfield Elementary, and Bart and Lisa still have to go to school. By the end of the day, the blizzard has been so strong that the kids and Principal Skinner are trapped inside the school. Homer and Flanders try to save the kids, but in doing so, Homer crashes the car into a fire hydrant and get trapped themselves. Back at the school, Skinner goes all army on the kids, and Bart tries to escape. Ordering a collapse of Bart's tunnel, Bart leads the kids in a take over of the school. The kids subdue Principal Skinner by tying him up in a dodge ball sack. The kids make him write lines on the chalk board, climb a rope, burn books, and breaking into their permanent records. Skinner gets help from the school hamster Nibbles. Who then breaks into the wind shield of the car Homer and Ned are trapped in, breaking them free. Homer and Flanders race towards the school, tip over a silo, melting the snow around the school.
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