Pokey Mom
Production Code
Episode Number
14 January 2001
Tom Martin
Bob Anderson
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot While at a prison rodeo, Homer badly injures his back and is taken to the prison infirmary. There Marge see's several paintings painted by an inmate. Marge is impressed and is unable to get the thought of Jack Crowly out of her mind, and volunteers to teach an art class at the prison. Jack is up for parole and he is released into Marge's custody. Marge looks for a job for Jack, at the school, and at the interview with Principal Skinner, Marge tells a lie that Jack went to an art college. Jack paints a mural for the school which Skinner hates, and going over it, with the one that Skinner wanted. At the unveiling, the students dislike the one Skinner wanted, so Jack sets it on fire. The top layer is burned off and the one that the school likes is shown, but that too is incinerated. Jack lies to Marge and then sets Skinner's car on fire and is arrested.
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