Worst Episode Ever
Production Code
Episode Number
04 February 2001
Larry Doyle
Matthew Nastuk
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Bart and Milhouse get banned from the Androids Dungeon, they are forbidden from seeing the Tom Savini presentation. Savini humiliates Comic Book Guy and he ends up having a heart attack, Bart and Milhouse call 911, and Comic Book Guy's life is saved. Dr. Hibbert tells Comic Book Guy to take it easy, and hire someone else to take over the store for a while. Bart and Milhouse volunteer. Without the stress of working at the store, Comic Book Guy has to try and find some friends and he falls for Agnes Skinner. At the store, Bart and Milhouse fight, and end up falling through a poster to a room full of illegal video tapes. Bart and Milhouse exploit them for profit and are caught sending Comic Book Guy to tail.
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